Celebrating 1 week of the MLB

Happiness is 36.48% ROI

Hi everyone,

Just a quick note to celebrate passing the 1 week mark of the baseball season.

It’s been a great first week of the season for underdogs, with the top 6 underdogs each day having a 21-21 record.

If you’re on the premium version of this daily email and have been betting along with us (and I’ve gotten a bunch of happy emails from a bunch of you who have been), you’ve made a tidy 36.48% ROI over this first week.

Our betting of 25-86 units per day, spread over 6 games per day, has resulted in a profit in this first week of 102.50 units.

  • If you’ve been betting $1 units, your unit balance is now 102.50

  • If $10 units, your balance is now 1,025.00

  • If $100 units, your balance is now 10,250.00

That’s pretty amazing for 1 week, even at the $1 unit level.

Anyway, this won’t last, but our model builds in strategies to account for the inevitable underdog losing streaks and keep our daily unit spends as low as possible. I like to look at is as “the longer the losing streak, the higher the moneyline on them for the day they eventually *do* win”…

On to the pretty graphs! See you all tomorrow.

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On to the pretty graphs! See you all tomorrow.

GRAPH: Overall Unit Balance vs Daily Units Spent:

Daily Unit Profit or Loss:

Daily Return on Investment %: