Free NFL Picks all football season

Football season!

Hi everyone!

While we are waiting for the NBA and NHL seasons to start, I thought it would be fun to share one NFL system I`ve been testing.

Football season is here again, and since I`m still testing a bunch of NFL systems, I thought it would be fun to share a system this year that tested very well last year. Every subscriber of my systems (both free and premium) are getting this for free, as I`m still testing it out.

NFL System: 4 Small Dogs

This system takes the underdogs on the 4 most evenly matched games that have widely available lines across sportsbooks. There are elements of progression in this one, so I`m recommending a standard 100-unit bankroll and we`ll be starting with 0.10 unit bets (what your unit is is up to you).

Over the 17 weeks of the 2018 football season, this system returned an ROI of 11%. Hopefully we can at least match that this year. We`ll see! (this is what testing is for)

The 4 small dogs for Week 1 this year are:

  • Green Bay (2.49 moneyline) - 0.10 units (game is tonight, Thursday)

  • Buffalo (2.29 moneyline) - 0.10 units (Sunday)

  • Arizona (2.28 moneyline) - 0.10 units (Sunday)

  • Carolina (2.16 moneyline) - 0.10 units (Sunday)

I`ll send out a results after all 4 games have been played.

Hope you are well.