HOCKEY: Results (from Tues, Jan. 14)

3 of our 4 underdogs won last night. Season ROI at +6.75%

Hi everyone,

3 of our 4 underdogs won yesterday.

Our season ROI is now at +6.75%. Lots more performance data below!



Our unit balance vs daily unit spends graph since the start of the NHL Season, along with summary stats:

The Last 30 Days:

This “waterfall” graph will show the most recent 30 days:


We have a Return on Investment of -0.44% over the last 30 days.

Here’s a table that shows recent 30 day periods…

Here’s a graph showing ROI % for ALL 30 day periods this season. The first data point is for day 30 of the NHL season (Oct. 31), and the last data point is the 30 day period ending yesterday.

So, except for a few 30 day periods we’ve not only had profitable 30 day periods, but most of them have been at or above +10% ROI.


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