NFL: Week 1 update

Green Bay won on Thursday for us.

Hi everyone!

Just a quick update from our Free NFL Picks post on Thursday

Our Green Bay pick won on Thursday. (I've updated the picks section below)

While we are waiting for the NBA and NHL seasons to start, I thought it would be fun to share one NFL system I've been testing.

Football season is here again, and since I'm still testing a bunch of NFL systems, I thought it would be fun to share a system this year that tested very well last year. Every subscriber of my systems (both free and premium) are getting this for FREE, as I'm still testing it out.

NFL System: 4 Small Dogs

This system takes the underdogs on the 4 most evenly matched games that have widely available lines across sportsbooks. There are elements of progression in this one, so I'm recommending a standard 100-unit bankroll and we`ll be starting with 0.10 unit bets (what your unit is is up to you).

Over the 17 weeks of the 2018 football season, this system returned an ROI of 11%. Hopefully we can at least match that this year. We`ll see! (this is what testing is for)

The 4 small dogs for Week 1 this year are:

  • Green Bay (2.49 moneyline) - 0.10 units = WIN

  • Buffalo (2.29 moneyline) - 0.10 units (Sunday)

  • Arizona (2.28 moneyline) - 0.10 units (Sunday)

  • Carolina (2.16 moneyline) - 0.10 units (Sunday)

Stay tuned for a good NFL season.