NFL: Week 6 Results

Hi everyone,

A rough Week 6 for this system on Sunday. 1 of our 4 teams won, so we took a pretty good loss on the day.

That brings our season ROI over 6 weeks down to -6.19%

I’m not too worried yet. We have 11 more weeks in the season and when I tested this season during last years NFL season, we ended up around +10% ROI, so no need to panic yet. :)

Here’s a table breaking down what happened with our picks in Week 6:

Here’s a simple graph showing our performance so far this NFL season.

Season Stats so far:

  • 23 games (over 6 weeks)

  • 10 wins, 13 losses

  • Units invested: 2.63

  • Units won: 2.47

  • Units profit: -0.16

  • ROI: -6.14%

I’ll be sending out Week 7 picks later this week.

Past Results:

About the Top Dogs NFL system:

This system takes the underdogs on 4 games that have widely available lines across sportsbooks. There are elements of progression in this one, so I'm recommending a standard 100-unit bankroll and since this system typically picks slight underdogs, staking will usually be in the sub-1 unit area. What your unit is is up to you.

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