Sunday Statistics Post - Sun, Apr. 7, 2019

Hi everyone,

Time permitting, I’m going to add a special Sunday Stats email every week to this newsletter, where I’ll share all the graphs I regularly put in the daily emails but also some extras that I’m planning on, but would make the daily emails too long.

The Daily Graphs:

These are the ones I include in every email, and these are the ones from this morning’s email.

  • If you’re already a free subscriber or just visiting and are curious, but missed this morning’s email, it’s here.

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TABLES: Spends, Profit/Loss, ROI:

GRAPH: Overall Unit Balance vs Daily Units Spent:

GRAPH: Daily Unit Profit or Loss:

Daily Return on Investment %:

Extra Graphs not in the Daily Email:

Still developing these, and will add more as the MLB season progresses (and as baseball ends and hockey and basketball seasons start), so we can see more and more data of what is happening over the long term.

First off, a rolling 7 day average graph that plots our daily profits or losses spends against our overall unit balance (these are averages, not totals, so they’re different values than the graphs above):

In this same vein, a rolling 7-day average graph of ROI:

Future Graphs:

I have a few more interesting graphs planned for this (ideally weekly) Sunday Stats post, including:

  • Longer term data, as we get to the 30, 60, and 90-day marks of the MLB season

  • Season long trends (for instance, for the 6 big underdogs we bet on every day, how often does it happen that none win? That only 1 wins? 2? 4? ALL?)

  • Line data - I’m very interested in exploring this… this will ideally show, at every betting line, how much we’ve bet, won or lost, etc. with this system

  • Team data - like the line data, but with teams - ie. as the season progresses, how much we’re betting on each team, and how much we’ve won or lost on them with this system

Alright - lots of stuff to do.

See you tomorrow. Have a great Sunday.