Top Dogs: A Note about Basketball

Hi everyone,

I’ve been planning on extending Top Dogs to the NBA season concurrently with the NHL season, but have put that on hold.

I’ve put it on hold because I’m doing a ton of data analysis on improving Top Dogs (as well as the counterpart to this system, Four Faves) with the goal of smoothing out peaks and valleys in our performance graphs. So far, this analysis is showing that these systems can achieve ROIs of approximately 10% with smaller peaks and valleys in day-to-day losses and wins. I personally love the thought of 10% ROI without the huge peaks and valleys that come with daily wagers.

This analysis is going very well, but is time consuming (I’m amalgamating and automating thousands and thousands of iterations of different capping and staking philosophies and weighing them according to how well they perform)… so in the interests of getting adequate testing done on it before deploying it on NBA and NHL games (as well as MLB games in the spring), I’m going to delay NBA betting on Top Dogs.

You’ll still get NHL picks and results daily. That’s not stopping.

However, if you are already a subscriber to my 100% free system, One Fave Daily, I’ll be making one daily NBA pick just like I’ve been doing with daily NHL picks the last few weeks (our NHL ROI for that system so far is +12.96%)