Top Dogs: Sunday Stats - Sun, June 16, 2019

Hi everyone,

Welcome to the weekly Sunday Statistics Post. Yes, I’m late with it. It’s really Monday.

If you read the daily emails, you’ll know that the past week hasn’t been too bad. I re-weighted the different models that make up this system to place a bit more emphasis on individual underdogs winning (rather than having 3 or more of them win on a given day). It means daily spends are a lot lower overall, but we can have spikes in unit spends occasionally (which I why I’m still recommending a 1000 unit bank roll at the bottom of every daily email).

Anyway - on to the stats!


The blue line is June 10th, when I re-weighted the models. I’m still showing the time before that because not showing it would be dishonest. I’m sharing my systems with honesty in mind - if a system isn’t doing well and I change things to make it better, you should know (and anyone thinking of following this system should know).

I guess that -6.89% ROI isn’t too bad with a 37.59% win percentage… but I believe that with the right staking, ANY win percentage can be profitable…


Units, profits and losses:

Next, the same thing, but in a “Waterfall Chart” format, which are handy for seeing gains vs losses and how they make up the total.


Now, Return on Investment is one of my favorite stats with any system, because it tells you in one number how well the system is doing. This is why I share it (and maybe why other systems don’t? When I look at other systems, I always have a hard time finding detailed performance data and ROI).

Future Graphs:

I have a few more interesting graphs planned for future editions of this Sunday Stats post:

  • Longer term data, as we get to the 60, and 90-day marks of the MLB season

Basketball & Hockey

As the baseball season progresses and we get closer to the fall, Top Dogs will have basketball and hockey stuff here… I’ve been collecting all kinds of data during the 2018-19 hockey and basketball seasons and am developing some great systems for them (so we can continue our profit-making in the baseball off-season). I’ll be sharing a lot of analysis and results from my testing.

See you next Sunday (or tomorrow morning if you’re a subscriber).


I’ll be populating this section with other systems I’m recommending or testing.