TopDogs: Mon, July 8 - Results

Hi everyone.

1 of our 5 underdogs won yesterday, for a small loss on the day.

This system now has a few days off for the All-Star Break.

A few nights ago I sent out historical performance data for the current capping and staking weighting system - you’ll see a new graph in the season graphs below, but if you want to see the full post, it’s here. I’ll be adding more MLB seasons to that post as well as the NHL and NBA.


Here are our results from yesterday, with what games underdogs won, total units invested and profited, and daily ROI:


  • Yesterday’s ROI: -51.58%

  • Last 7 days ROI: +9.49%

  • Last 14 days ROI: -0.44%

  • Since June 10 (28 days): +3.47%

  • Last 30 days ROI: -11.79%

  • 2019 MLB Season ROI: -6.28%

Recent Summary Posts:


On June 10th, we re-weighted the capping and staking models that make up this system to account for underdogs losing more than usual in the early part of the season.

If we had been using the post-June 10th weighting from the start of the season, our season graph would look like this (you can see this post for more performance data):

The blue line is June 10th, the start point of our new weighting for capping and staking:


No picks for a couple days. Let’s all enjoy the All-Star break.

I’ll send out picks when the 2nd half of the season starts up again.