TopDogs: Tues, July 23

Welcome to the free version of the Top Dogs daily email. This system bets on the biggest underdogs every day. Underdogs don’t win most of the time, but they DO win more than everyone expects. With proper staking, that means profit.

Hi everyone.

1 of our 5 underdogs won yesterday, giving us a small loss on the day.

Our longer term performance is still great - check the Performance Data section below.



Great positive ROIs since June 10th.

  • Last 7 game days ROI: -8.96%

  • Last 14 game days ROI: +10.21%

  • Last 30 game days ROI: +2.52%

  • ROI since June 10 (39 game days): +0.51%

Recent Summary Posts:


You can see this post for more historical performance data.

This system had losses before June 10th, before we re-weighted the models that go into this system. You can see pre-June 10 performance at this post.


Here are the underdogs to bet on today, according to our Top Dogs System (I use decimal lines and always bet the “moneyline” - if a team wins the game. No spreads).

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